Progressive Slot Machines: very useful opportunity sharing

Here are some tips for playing progressive slot machines, which hopefully will guide you in the right direction to win the progressive jackpot that you have dreamed of.

First know what type of progressive slot machine do you sit in front because it’s basically there are three types of progressive slot machines.

Independent progressive slot machine

The first type we will talk about about independent progressive slot is a single progressive slot machine that is not electronically linked to other progressive slot machines.

This type of progressive slot machine has the lowest payment, because the jackpot consists of some coins played on the machine. This is ideal for players who just want to have fun and enjoy themselves without having to spend a lot of money.

Remember that all independent progressive slot machines do not offer the same number of jackpots, so when playing one of the independent progressive slot machines looking for the highest jackpot payment.

Progressive Networker / Linked Slot Machine

The second type we will discuss is Networker or Linked Progressive Slot Machine is a set of simultaneous progressive slot machines, and the jackpot consists of each progressive slot machine that is linked on the network, making for a larger payment jackpot.

Again read the legend for payment before you decide which of the progressive slot machine is the best link for you. Winning Jackpot Payments for this network from the chreveled progressive slot machine is accumulated from a small portion of the coins played in each progressive slot machine that is linked together on this network.

Progressive Slot Machine Wide Area Network

Finally we came to the big one, the progressive slot area of ​​a wide area network. This is a machine that can make you a millionaire in place, make all your dreams come true. This extensive network progressive slot machine is not only networked to other progressive slot machines in the same building but also to other broad area networks from progressive slot machines in other casinos throughout the world.


It is clear why this is considered a ‘large’ because the jackpot payment of the area of ​​this extensive progressive slot area consists of a portion of the coins played in each network progressive slot connected to this network. , Wherever in their world possible.

Conclusion of different progressive slot

As you know all progressive slot machines or in this case all slot machines generally have legend game and payment printed on some parts of them, whether it is at the top of the engine or the bottom.

Make sure and read this carefully and understand the meaning before deciding the progressive slot machine you want to play. You also have to realize that some machines will not give you a progressive jackpot unless you have placed the maximum number of coins per round.

Good luck and most importantly from all, have fun.

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